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Swedish Massage

In a busy society it is important to be able to stand still occasionally, which is why I offer the following services:

-Relaxation and massage therapy-Relaxation techniques-Stress prevention-Meditation

Adults and children can come to me for the treatment of the following symptoms:

- long-term headache - sore muscles - neck and shoulder pain - fatigue and restlessness - difficulty sleeping and falling asleep - emotional and mental complaints


We live in a society that is burdened by pressure and time. We must do as much as possible with as little time as possible. Performance pressure lurks around the corner and even sneaks into our free time and hobbies. However, your body has its own rhythm and after a while this rhythm no longer seems to be consistent with the rhythm of society around us. You can be physically tired and feel empty while your head seems to be full. For some, the body will start to feel unbalanced. Pressure is going to settle in your body, where you are most sensitive.


Bringing your body back into balance is a process that can be triggered by simple relaxation techniques, ranging from massage to breathing exercises. You teach your body what relaxation is. You learn to feel your body again.


When you learn to feel your body again, you will more easily feel what your sensitive points are. This allows you to listen better to your body. You can learn to set your limits better so that your body and mind stay in balance. You no longer lose any energy, which means that you have more energy for the things you enjoy doing.


By regularly relaxing and unwinding your body, you allow relaxation and release pressure. By teaching your body to relax regularly, you can learn to let go of everyday situations more easily. You learn to distinguish the important things from details.


Swedish massage 50 min

Full body massage. Traditional body massage using different massage techniques. Relax muscles, stimulate circulation and remove waste.

Extra addition / options:

• Massage with goat butter massage lotion rich in nutrients for the skin.

• Massage with scrub, this scrub dissolves into a wonderful massage oil.

• Massage with aroma, choice of seasonal scent or lavender.


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